St. Patrick’s Day is a worldwide celebration of Ireland’s patron saint that’s especially big here in the U.S. We all wear green, drink beer and toast our friends with calls of “Sláinte!” But there’s one St. Patty’s tradition we could all do without: the spike in binge drinking, DUIs and alcohol-involved arrests that happen on the holiday and the weekend before. Here are some hard facts that may be helpful to you whether you are already been out this year or plan on throwing a belated celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day Impaired Driving Stats 

  • 41% of Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day out at a bar
  • 40% of crash fatalities occurring during St. Patrick’s Day weekend are caused by drunk driving which is 10% more than the annual average of 30%
  • 80% of those incidents involve drivers whose BAC is two times the legal limit or higher
  • Approximately 55% of crash fatalities occurring between midnight and 6am on March 18 are alcohol-related
  • Alcohol-related criminal offenses typically increase by 12% or more on St. Patrick’s Day and 30% or more on the weekend before March 17

Common Offenses and How to Handle Them 

Buying alcohol for people under 21, using a fake ID to buy alcohol and getting into confrontations with law enforcement officers are all more common around “party weekends” than during other times of the year. These offenses are all citable with fines, court appearances and driver’s license suspension. The smartest thing to do if you’ve arrested or otherwise charged with any of these crimes is to cooperate with all officers, speak to them directly and honestly and resist the urge to start arguing. The system can be trying but most police officers are just doing the best they can to protect and serve. Even if you feel the arrest is unwarranted, do not resist. If you are innocent, you could give the police a real reason to arrest you by resisting arrest. That being said, always keep in mind that it is within your rights to deny an officer’s request to search your property. If you allow officers to search your premises, even without a warrant, they can use any evidence found during the search against you in court.

The smartest way to get bail, if you need it, is with a bail bond. Bail bonds cost about 10% of the full price of bail which means that they immediately save you a mighty chunk of change plus they come with the helpful services of an experienced bail bond agent.  If you were arrested after a night of partying, call us today to talk about your options.