Bail amounts vary according to many factors including severity of the crime, criminal record of the accused and flight risk posed by the accused. For minor offenses, most jails have a bail schedule that officers can refer to before a bail hearing becomes necessary. Serious offenses will require a judge to determine what bail should be and the price range they have to work with is really quite large. The Eighth Amendment bans judges from imposing “unreasonable” bail amounts but in the end, what constitutes a reasonable bail charge is up to them. If the accused has a colorful criminal record, the judge may increase the bail amount, particularly if it can be suspected that he or she might commit another crime before the scheduled court date. If someone has a history of missing court appearances, the judge may set a high bail or even deny bail altogether. Some factors work in the accused’s favor such as employment or enrollment in school. An individual with many ties to their community will likely be given lighter bail.

Even lower bail charges can seem like huge financial blows since arrests are rarely the kind of thing a family includes in their monthly budget. The average bail amount is several hundred dollars which is money that could be better spent on food, gas, rent or some other living expense. Fortunately, most arrested individuals have the option of obtaining a bail bond for only a fraction of the full bail total. No matter how much your bail costs, we can help make it more affordable and make the whole bail out system easier to understand. Our bonds are generally only 10 percent of the bail. The only benefit to not arranging one’s pre-trial release using a bail bond is the possibility of receiving the full bail amount when proven innocent.

In addition to only having to pay a small percentage of your bail, using a bail bond agency has many other practical benefits. For one, in exchange for the percentage fee, you’ll be able to communicate closely with an expert on the bail system. You’ll also have some additional options when it comes to forms of payment – cash, personal property and even some forms of check and credit are all acceptable to a bail bond company. The bondsman we employ at our company can navigate the bail process quickly and explain each step of the process clearly and completely. Purchasing a bond is truly the best way to both save money as well as prevent confusion and misunderstandings. Call today to learn more about the various perks of opting for a bond!