Finding out an arrest has been made is a daunting experience but the timeline of steps that should follow that arrest are actually pretty straightforward and we can help you work through it. We’ve come up with five steps in particular to get the accused bailed out and arrive on the day of the court appointment thoroughly prepared.

  1. Know All the Information

Before you can get the ball rolling on a bond or anything else, you’ll need to know a fair amount of info regarding the crime and the accused. You’ll need to find out the specific crime they’ve been arrested for, which jail they’ve been taken to, their contact information and their social security number, for example. As you get further along in the process, you’ll likely need to know more than this but this should be enough to get you started!

  1. Find a Bail Bond Company

The sooner you find a bail bond company, the sooner you can get your loved one out of jail. The bail bond agent will probably have an easier time communicating with the jail as well. You should find a company that has experience with many different cases, particularly the kind of case you’re facing. Our bondsmen have experience working through a wide range of arrest and bail situations. In addition to our experience and knowledge, we’re known for our excellent service and our positive attitudes. For your convenience, you may think to choose a company that’s located close to the jail but, because we are able to arrange a bond over the phone and online, this is no longer such a large factor.

  1. Get a Bail Bond

Once you’ve decided on a bond agency and gathered up most of your information, you should be able to obtain an affordable bond for a fraction of the cost of the bail. This means you’ll need to provide payment information. There are typically many different payment options for surety bonds including cash, property and more.

  1. Find an Attorney

If you’ve finished your bond and the arrested individual has been released, or even before the pre-trial release point, it’s about time to find a skilled attorney. The attorney will be a valuable resource for the trial hearing.

  1. Attend Your Court Date

Perhaps the most important thing to do after a criminal arrest is to show up at your assigned court date. Skipping or forgetting about this appointment will only ever make things worse. Dodging a court date can result in many negative consequences including arrest warrants and license suspension.