How to Avoid a DUI Arrest This Memorial Day Weekend

The unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day weekend is usually full of cookouts, pool parties, and lake activities. These celebrations are also often filled with alcohol. If you plan on consuming alcohol during any of these gatherings, you need to plan ahead to avoid a DUI arrest. Police officers are also out in full force […]

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Dealing with Drug-Related Charges

The first thing that happens when a person has been arrested on a drug charge is the “booking.” During a booking, a police officer records all the information related to the crime that has taken place and runs a background check on the offender. An officer will obtain a picture of the defendant as well […]

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Soldier Bail Bonds

Being arrested as a soldier or some other military affiliate differs quite a bit from being arrested as a civilian. After all, as a member of the armed forces, you are subject to higher expectations in both your professional and personal conduct. If you are arrested while you are enlisted, what happens to you might […]

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Will You Get Your Money Back?

Many have suffered the inconvenience of being misunderstood by the law or the wrongful consequences of having done nothing wrong and wondered if they’ll get their bail back once the court finds them innocent. The whole ordeal has caused emotional, mental and financial stress. So how do you get back some sense of peace? Better […]

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DUI Bail Bonds – Gwinnett County

Bail Bonds on a DUI Charge



When you get a DUI your in for a lot of surprises.  Not only is it expensive to hire a lawyer, deal with legal proceedings and more, the cost of DUI bail bonds can be high.  The average DUI bail cost is $1,000.  That is for a first offense.  For […]

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