When you need to get a loved one out of jail, a reputable bonding company should have all the tools you need to make the process as quick and easy as possible. We are familiar with a wide variety of cases and will provide you the service that best fits your needs. Because our employees are well-versed on all the ins and outs of selling and writing bonds, we offer one of the most efficient bond services in the state. Aside from our thorough understanding of the business and our unrivaled efficiency, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that you can start working on bailing out your loved one as soon as you get that first call. When you work with a bonding agent, you can get the arrested individual out of jail faster, avoid all the hassles of going down to the jail to pay bail and save hundreds of dollars compared to paying the bail in full.

Save Money

The amount you will end up paying for your bond depends on the full bail amount. The judge presiding over the case sets the bail amount according to the severity of the crime and the possibility of the defendant being a flight risk. Some crimes are severe enough that bail is not granted. In some cases, a request can be made to lower the bail amount. After the total bail has been decided, you will be able to buy a bail bond. A bail bond is a contract that ensures that the defendant will attend his or her trial. The fee for the bail bond is typically 15% or less of the full bail amount. In other words, you can save money by buying a bail bond instead of paying the bail in full.

Save Stress

A bail bond company or bail bond agent is a company or person that agrees to cover a defendant’s bail for them in exchange for a fee.  Because the bail bond company has a lot riding on the defendant arriving at court on their assigned day, they will do all they can to ensure the defendant’s appearance. They will also do all they can to make sure that the defendant’s case is being handled both professionally and efficiently. 24-7 One Call Bail Bonds Gwinnett Agents are required to be licensed by the state, approved by the Sheriff of Gwinnett County and must have a good understanding of the systemin order to answer questions or doubts you may experience after an arrest has been made. Once you buy a bond from us, our bonding agent professionals will do all they can to ease your worries during a stressful time.